About Totem

Totem, Caltech's literary and visual arts magazine, is an annual publication that consists of poems, essays, short stories, photography, drawings, and other artwork submitted by the Caltech community.

Undergraduate students on staff volunteer their time during second and third terms to collect and showcase these pieces. It is our mission to foster the artistic expressions of our community members and spread awareness of the multitude of talents here at Caltech.

Totem is distributed at no charge to the entire campus through May and June to aid appreciation and enthusiasm of art and literature in the community, which tends to become overshadowed by the science and technology-intensive life at Caltech.

Since 2005, Totem has been published in a calendar format, in an effort to fuse function and beauty, as well as to ensure the appreciation of the works year-round.

The Caltech Totem is funded by the following organizations. (Please note that clicking the link will open up a new window)

The Associated Students of the California Institute of Technology (ASCIT)
Division of Humanities and Social Sciences
Student Affairs

Thank you to all artists, authors, and sponsors that make Totem possible!